Introduction to Clinical Experience

Rotation Scheduling with Lotteries; Logbook, and more


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Introduction to Clinical Experience

The Clinical Experience module in Elentra houses a number of interconnected features related to CE management.  Features include:

  • Rotation Scheduling tools for configuring your organization's clinical learning curricula and scheduling faculty and learners into rotation blocks
  • Clinical Lottery for determining learner preference of rotation positions
  • Logbook for documenting completion of clinical tasks during rotations & clerkships
  • Granular Clinical Events Scheduling for scheduling clinical events within rotations
  • Leave Tracking 
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Configure Rotation Schedule requirements; Book learners into clinical slots & events:
Medtech: Admin
Staff: Admin
Staff: Pcoordinator
Faculty: Director

Manage & Report on Logbooks:

Medtech: Admin
Staff: Admin
Staff: Pcoordinator
Faculty: Director
Build & Configure Lottery Options:
Medtech: Admin
Staff: Admin
Staff: Pcoordinator
View Lottery results before publishing schedules:
Medtech: Admin
Staff: Admin
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    In order to use all features of the Clinical Experience module, the following components must be built within Elentra:

    1. Set up your Organisation (all the following steps are required per Organisation)
    2. Upload the admin, clinical faculty & student users in the Manage Users module
    3. Create Curriculum Layouts
      1. Within the curriculum layouts, create the curriculum periods
      2. Within each curriculum period that will be associated with a rotation schedule, create a block schedule (e.g., 1 week, 2 week, or 4 week blocks, etc.)
    4. Create courses within the above curriculum layouts and make them clinical courses by choosing the option This course includes clinical experiences within the Course Setup page
      1. Courses control the course availability for the rotation schedule, the audience of the rotation schedule, and whether a logbook is available
    5. Enroll students in their course/program (course audience)
    6. Define your Rotation Schedule:
      1. Identify which rotation schedules will created using a Lottery
      2. Optionally define which blocks require slots with or without capacities
      3. Optionally identify preceptors/instructors and/or locations of the rotations
      4. Optionally create a standard Rotation Evaluation
    7. Identify which courses/rotations will require a Logbook to be set up
    8. (Optional) Set up your Curriculum Tag Sets & Tags and slots with or without capacities for use in the lottery
    9. (Optional) Set up sites in the Manage Locations module and/or clinical instructors in the Manage Instructors module
    10. (Optional) Set up your Curriculum Tracks
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    Database Settings

    Database Setting Description
    logbook_active Turn on/off Logbook module
    logbook_outstanding_percentage Defines the threshold for level of completion to set 'complete' status in Clinical Experience > Logbook reporting
    logbook_log_inactive_rotations Used to control whether or not to allow learners to create logbook entries for courses where their enrolment in the curriculum period has passed.
    If you use granular clinical events, optionally allow for learners to confirm their attendance at events and have staff access an administrative view of that information. Disabled by default.
    allow_program_coordinator_manage_booked_slots Control whether program coordinators can delete slots that have off-service learners booked in them or make any changes to the slot spaces. Enabled by default.

    Turn on/off the Lottery module


    If you disable the lottery, consider hiding it from the learner user icon menu via this setting.

    Configure which duty hour options display to learners (e.g., On Duty, Off Duty, On Call)

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