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The Manage Instructors module is a place to store data of Faculty Users that are considered Clinical Faculty Members (Instructors). It is a repository for Clinical staff and Learners to locate Instructor information.



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Instructors Overview

In the undergraduate clinical year context, Instructors are typically preceptors that could be associated with a Rotation.

Within Elentra, Instructors can be added to Instructor pools on Rotations that are shown for Learners' requests. They can optionally be assigned to Rotation Slots with Capacities to run Lotteries.

While all data points are visible to Admins, only some fields are visible to Learners. Admins can also choose to hide specific Instructors from Learners.

Access Module

To access the module, go to the top menu and select Admin>Manage Users and click Manage Instructors.

Add, Edit, or Delete an Instructor 

Setting up your Instructors can only be done from the Manage Users module using the Clinical Faculty Member checkbox (Instructor Flag).

Admins can set the Instructor Flag either manually, or with a bulk CSV Import for both new and existing users.

Please note that you must set up your Curriculum Tags before adding the Instructor if you plan to associate them.

Add or Edit the Instructor Flag Manually

Pre-Condition: Make sure that you created your Faculty User before, as explained in Pre-Conditions documentation (only users with Group: Faculty, Role: any can be Instructors)    

    • Go to Admin > Manage Users    
    • Find the Faculty User that you want to set as Instructor    
    • Click on the user's Full Name hyperlink    
    • On the left sidebar, click on Edit Profile    
    • Under Permissions, activate the Clinical Faculty Member checkbox for each Organisation in which the user will be an Instructor, and click Save    
    • You should be able to see the user as Instructor under Admin > Manage Instructors    

Bulk Upload Instructors Flag with CSV

You can use the CSV import to either create New Users with the Instructor flag activated or use a CSV import to Edit Existing Users' permissions to activate their Instructor flag.    

    • Go to Admin > Manage Users
    • Click on the Import From CSV button    
    • Click on the Download sample CSV file hyperlink
    • Complete the template with the New Users or Existing Users' information
    • On the Is Instructor column, for each user on the file, indicate 1 if you want it to be a Clinical Faculty Member (Instructor), if not, indicate 0.
      • The values on the Is Instructor column will be considered for New Users, or it will edit the current value for Existing Users.
      • If the Is Instructor column is left empty or contains invalid values, the import will still happen, and the Instructor flag will remain inactive for the New User, or unchanged for the Existing User.

Delete Instructors

Deleting users that are Instructors can only be done from the Manage Users module.

A reminder that there's a difference between deactivating the Clinical Faculty Member (Instructor) flag for a Faculty user and deleting the user and all its information from the system.

    • Go to Admin > Manage Users
    • Select the user(s) you wish to delete, click the Delete selected button and confirm.

Instructors - Table View

When accessing the Manage Instructors module, you'll see a list of Instructors with inherited fields from the User Profile handled through the Manage Users module (Photo, Full Name, Curriculum Track, Primary City and Primary State/Province). The rest of the additional fields are managed through the Instructor's Details tabs. From this view, you can:

  • Search an Instructor by Full Name
  • Sort the table by any column
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Instructors - Details

When clicking on one specific Instructor's Full Name hyperlink, you can access and edit its Details through the different tabs

Personal Information Tab

These fields, including the Curriculum Tracks, are set at the User level through the Manage Users module and are, therefore, read-only. The Send Mail button is a :mailto that opens the default Email App.

Contacts Tab

In this tab you can add and export contacts related to the Instructor.

Curriculum Tags Tab

In this tab you can associate Curriculum Tags to the Instructor, which will allow Admins and Learners to easily filter Instructors by the tag.

Locations Tab

In this tab, you can associate the Locations related to the instructors. For more information please see the Manage Locations module.

Agreements Tab

In this tab, you can upload agreement documents and assign expiration dates. The Expiration Date column on the Instructors - Table View will be calculated based on the latest expiration date of all agreements.

Status and Visibility Tab

The Status & Visibility fields per Instructor will be undefined (empty) by default and currently can only be updated individually through the interface. 

You can set the Status of the Instructor to Inactive or Active.

When the Instructor is Active, you are allowed to associate it with Rotations' Instructor Pools.

You can set the Visibility of the Instructor to Hidden or Visible. When an Instructor is Visible, Learners can see it from the Instructors page available for them.

Notes Tab

This tab is intended to contain any comments used to input additional information for internal use or to show them to Learners.

Internal: Internal Notes can be viewed by Admins only
Learner: Learner Notes can be viewed by Admins and Learners.

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