Delegation Distributions

Assign forms to be sent to a delegator, who then forwards the tasks to the appropriate assessor for it to be completed on the target.


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Delegation Distribution Overview

Use a delegation distribution to send tasks to a delegator, who can then forward the tasks to the appropriate assessor/evaluator for it to be completed on the target. The use case for this might be setting up a distribution at the beginning of the year and not knowing exactly which preceptors will be working in a specific environment. You can send the distribution to a staff member who can forward the tasks once a clinic schedule is set or send the distribution to a learner who is actually the target of the task and can then delegate the task to the appropriate assessor/evaluator.
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Create a Delegation Distribution

Navigate to Admin> Assessment & Evaluation > Distributions tab.  Click Add New Distribution. Complete page 1 of the creation wizard as described on the Knowledge Base article titled Distributions Overview and click next. On page 2, select Delegation as the distribution method. 
Delegation Options: 
  •  Delegation based on date range
  •  Delegation based on rotation schedule
Delegator Type:
  • The delegator is an individual
  • The delegator is the target

Task Expiry: Expiring tasks is only recommended for optional tasks such as course evaluations.  We do not recommend setting task expiry dates for forms & assessments required for learner gradebooks. If selected, enter in the expiry time and optionally, set the warning notification time. 

Warning Notification: This option will only appear if Task Expiry is selected.

From this point forward the distribution wizard will be configured based on whether you selected a
date range or rotation-based distribution. Please refer the the help pages for those two methods for additional details.

Add Assessors to a Delegation

On page 4 of the wizard, you can optionally add Assessors for a delegation distribution. The users you add to this list will be made available to the delegator to select from a quick pick list.
The delegator will optionally be able to search for and add additional assessors/evaluators as needed. If you don't want to define any assessors, check The assessors for this Delegation Distribution are unknown.
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Complete a Delegation Distribution

If a distribution was created using a delegation, the designated user needs to complete the delegation by assigning assessors. Delegators will begin by clicking on the My Assessments button> Assessment Tasks tab, then click View Task on the relevant assessment.
You will see a list of one or more targets in a table. Click the checkbox beside a target name, if applicable.
Use the checkbox to select an assessor. If you need to add an additional internal and/or external assessor you may do so by clicking the Add Additional Assessor button. This will allow you to enter the name of an internal user and/or email address of an existing external assessor. You can even add a new external assessor if necessary.
After adding the required assessors, click Proceed to Confirm Assessments. If you wish to mark the delegation as complete, click the checkbox. This will move the task to the delegator's My Completed Tasks list. If you have targets without assessors/evaluators, you will receive a warning. If you'd rather that the task to stay on the Assessment Tasks tab, do not click the checkbox.
Confirm your choice by clicking Create Assessment Tasks. The list of targets and assessors/evaluators will be updated with the newly entered information.
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