Parent-Child Events

Link multiple repeating learning events in a parent-child relationship.


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Parent-Child Events Overview

Elentra includes the ability to link multiple repeating events in a parent-child relationship. This allows multiple events to be linked together, while also providing the ability to carry forward the event information of the parent event over to the child when creating the events to save configuration time. This is most often used when small groups of learners will complete the same activities in repeating learning events. For example, there may be 10 events scheduled for 10 small groups but each event is essentially identical in terms of content, curriculum tags applied, etc. If you use the parent-child feature some reports will look only to the parent event to collect data and therefore help to report accurately from the perspective of a single learner.

Note: The parent child relationship is only available for events that are part of the same course.

If you eventually copy a schedule forward, recurring event status, as well as parent-child links if enabled, will be maintained.
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Create Parent-Child Relationships Between Events

There are several ways to create parent child relationships between events. You can either do so when creating recurring events through Admin>Manage Events, or including the information on a spreadsheet you are importing to a draft schedule, or by linking existing events through the event setup page.
For more details about using the parent child relationship with recurring events, please see the Recurring Events Knowledge Base article. For more details about using the parent child relationship when importing a schedule using a CSV, please see the Create & Manage Events Knowledge Base article and see the section on Adding New Events via CSV import.
If you have already created multiple events and want to link them using the parent-child feature, you must know the event titles or ID numbers of the events intended to be children. A consideration in terms of workflow when linking events through the event setup page is that without the 'recurring' feature being used, you can't easily bulk change anything in the linked child events. Manually linking events like this is a feature from before the recurring event tool existed.
To create a Parent-Child Relationship to existing events, navigate to Admin>Manage Events. Find the intended parent event by applying filters or looking in a specific time frame. Click on the event title. 
On the event Setup page scroll to Child Events
Type in the intended child event id or title, click on the desired event, and click Add. Added child events will be displayed in a list. On the setup page for a child event it will list the parent event.
Click Save at the bottom of the page.
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Impacts of Using the Parent-Child Relationship

Not every feature of Elentra reflects the connections made between events using the parent child relationship.
Curriculum Search does recognize the parent child relationship and only return results for the parent. (In fact, curriculum search won't look at child events, so even if a child event has distinct content from the parent, that won't be reflected in the search results.)
Curriculum Explorer does not recognize the parent child relationship and returns all events regardless of relationship.
The Learning Event by Type Report does recognize the parent child relationship.

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