Introduction to System Setup

After your Elentra installation is active, you'll need to configure some system settings before using other features of the platform.

Permission to Admin > System Settings
You must have one of the following permission levels to access this feature:

  • Medtech > Admin
  • Staff > Admin

Here, you'll be able to configure things like assessment types, location management, grading scale, departments, and user disclaimers. Generally, this is content that will remain consistent across an entire organisation and will not be frequently changed. 

Note that you set system settings at the organisation level in Elentra, so you can have different system settings for undergraduate and graduate medical education programs running on the same installation of Elentra, for example.


Which system settings you configure really depends on how you will be using Elentra. 

See the list below for some quick start ideas.

  • If you want to add users: configure Departments before importing users (especially faculty)
  • If you want to create courses: create a curriculum map version (Admin > Manage Curriculum), then configure Curriculum Layout and Curriculum Periods (Admin > System Settings)
  • If you want to schedule learning events: configure Learning Event Types and Locations (you'll need courses via Admin > Manage Courses, and for rotation scheduling, you'll also need to build blocks in the relevant curriculum period, but that is done in Admin > Manage Curriculum)
  • If you want to input grades: configure Assessment Types (you'll need to configure Curriculum Layout and Periods (Admin > System Settings and build courses (Admin > Manage Courses) as well)
  • If you want to report using the Curriculum Inventory: configure Assessment Types, Learning Event Types, Curriculum Layout and Periods (you'll also need courses, events, and Gradebooks setup, but those are managed elsewhere)

Instructions for managing some System Settings are included in the following lessons. Other instructions are included with their related lesson.

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