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Note: To effectively use the A&E module tools in Elentra ME some initial setup is required. Either a Staff: Admin or Medtech: Admin will need to configure assessment response categories in System Settings. Once this is done, scales can be created.



You must be a Medtech: Admin user to manage rating scales. Scales are used on form items as question responses which can be reused across different items and forms. Creating rating scales promotes consistency across items and can be a time saver for the administrative staff creating items and forms. Once created, scales can be permissioned to others for use in forms. 
To begin, click on the Admin tab> Assessment & Evaluation> Scales tab. Click on Add Rating Scale
Enter your scale title and optionally, a description. If enabled, optionally, assign the scale to a curriculum track. 
Rating Scale Type: This categorizes the type of rating scale you are creating. Later, if you add rating scales to items, or add standard scales to form templates, you will first have to select a scale type. There is no user interface to configure rating scale types. Sample scale types include generic, global rating scale, milestone scale, etc. In a default Elentra installation you'll likely just see a default scale type. (In installations with CBME enabled you'll see global rating and milestone/enabling competency scales.) To have additional rating scale types added, contact Elentra Support.
Response Categories: This is where you will apply the assessment response categories you previously created within System Settings. Optionally, assign a color and/or a character to a response. To add or delete response entries, use the + and - buttons at the top right of this section. 
Click Save to continue. Once created, scales will be available for use when creating forms within the A&E module.  
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Set Scale Permissions

Once saved, the scale will display permissions options.
You can permission scales to an entire organization, courses, individuals, or some combination of those options.  When applying permissions, you are granting the users in that organization or course whose profile provides them with access to building forms, the ability to use this scale on their forms. You are not providing edit access to every person associated with the organization or course, just those whose profiles give them build access to forms. Click Save once finished.  
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