User Incidents

The User Incident tools allows an organisation to keep a record of an incident involving a user.

Permission to Admin > Manage Users > Incidents
You must have one of the following permission levels to access this feature:

  • Medtech > Admin
  • Staff > Admin

Incidents will display on the user profile page, but are only accessible by Medtech > Admin and Staff > Admin users. By default, users do not currently have the ability to access their own recorded incidents.

Record a User Incident

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Users.
  • Search for the relevant user and click on their name.
  • In the User Management menu located in the collapsible left-hand sidebar, click on Incidents.
  • Click Add New Incident. Note that the system will automatically record and display the name of the user who creates an incident.
  • Provide the required information noting the following:
    • Severity: Incident Severity cannot currently be configured through the user interface. If you wish to change the available incident severity levels, you will need help from a developer. Please reach out to your institution's Elentra contact for assistance.
    • Status: 
      • An open incident can be edited for more information to be added, including any follow-up. 
      • If an incident is closed, its appearance will be greyed out when viewing a list of incident
    • Dates: Both the incident date and the date of any follow-up can be recorded.
    • Details: Information provided here is not currently visible to the user, although it will be accessible to users with permission to view learner incident reports via System Reports (Medtech > Admin and Staff > Admin users). The system will not automatically record and display the names of users who add to the initial report.
  • Click Save Incident.

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 2.25.09 PM.png

Report on Open and Closed Incidents

  • Navigate to Admin > System Reports.
  • Scroll down to Learner Incident Reports.
  • Click on the appropriate report; either the Open Incidents by Follow-up Date or Open Incidents by Incident Date.
  • Fill in the necessary information, and click Create Report.
  • Click on the name of a user or title on an incident to see the details.
Example Open Incidents By Follow-Up Date Report.

Example Open Incidents By Follow-Up Date Report.