User Disclaimers

A user disclaimer can be set up to appear on the start page or your Elentra installation or when users try to access specific courses or communities and, depending on how it is configured, can allows users to proceed regardless of their response to the disclaimer, prevent users from proceeding to a course or community, or log the user out of Elentra. 

Permission to Admin > System Settings > User Disclaimers
You must have one of the following permission levels to access this feature:

  • Medtech > Admin
  • Staff > Admin

Setup a User Disclaimer

  • Navigate to Admin > System Settings.
  • Click on the organisation you want to set a user disclaimer for.
  • Click User Disclaimers in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click Add User Disclaimer.
  • Complete the required information, noting the following:
    • Effective Date: Set when the disclaimer will be displayed to users.
    • Trigger this disclaimer: Decide when this disclaimer should be applied. 
      • If you select course or courses, you'll have to select the specific course(s). 
      • If you select community, you'll have to select a specific community. 
      • Additionally, you must be an administrator of a specific community to add a disclaimer to it.
    • When someone declines: Decide what should happen if someone declines the disclaimer. 
    • Click the checkbox to receive email notification of any declines. There is currently no user interface to add additional emails in the case of a declined disclaimer.
    • Audience: Click the down arrow beside Browse All Users and continue to click through to add your audience. Note that it is intentional that you can only drill down to the role level or user and not individuals. To delete any group from the list, click the small x beside the group.
  • Click Save.
  • Edit an existing disclaimer by clicking on the disclaimer title which will open an edit page.

  • Delete an existing disclaimer by clicking the trashcan icon in the last column.

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 4.13.51 PM.png

After a user disclaimer has been accepted by at least one user, you can no longer edit the content. If you need to replace the disclaimer, you must delete the existing disclaimer and create a new one.

Report on User Disclaimers

After a user disclaimer is active, you can view who has accepted or declined the disclaimer.

  • Navigate to Admin System Settings.
  • Click on the organisation you want to report on a user disclaimer for.
  • Click User Disclaimers from the left-hand sidebar.
  • Find the name of the user disclaimer you wish to view and click the eye icon in the last column. A list of users who have approved the disclaimer will be displayed. Click on Declined to view users who have declined the disclaimer.

How Users Experience Disclaimers

When users with an active disclaimer try to access the system or a course/community (depending on how you configure the disclaimer), they will be asked to accept or decline the disclaimer. They also have an option to print a copy of the disclaimer for their own records.