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Collaboration Features

Presentations & Themes, Timeline & Discussion Streams, Tasks, and Stories

These Features are available with Collabortor & Creator Licenses

Presentations & Themes:

Build presentations within Elentra Analytics and populate slides with charts and reports. A presentation slide supports the use of multiple types of content, including live reports, text, images, shapes and icons, action buttons, filters, and even code widgets. Customize the look and feel of your presentation slides with Themes. Share presentations to other users directly from Elentra Analytics.


Timeline & Discussion Streams:

The timeline allows users to track events that occur in the system and collaborate with other users. Examples of events that occur are content creation, content views, comments, tasks, etc. The timeline is also where users go to view and manage the tasks they are associated with.

A Discussion Stream is used to allow members of the business to collaborate; bringing users, Yellowfin Content, and external links together in one place to be viewed and discussed. Streams are tightly integrated with Timeline so that users keep up to date with posts made in a Discussion by viewing updates in their Timeline feed.



Create tasks for yourself or assign them to others. Tasks can be associated with reports, dashboards and other content. 



With Stories, users can share and have a dialogue about their data, and provide external context that happens outside their data and human narrative without the need for external tools, such as email, or third-party documents. Stories merges visual analysis with text, so you can perform long form analysis, in a collaborative environment, by including reports, images, videos, with text.