The Learner Gradebook

This article explains how a learner can view their grades in their course gradebooks and their performance over the curriculum.

The Purpose of the Learner Gradebook (Video Timestamp 0:29)

The purpose of the learner gradebook is

  • To inform the learner of their grade for individual assessments in a course.
  • To allow the learner to see their progress in the course overall at any time during the course depending on the admin configuration.
  • To inform the learner of the required assessments or assignments for the course.
  • A place for the learner to receive feedback from a grader for an assignment or for other assessments through a Document Delivery Folder, such as a score report from a shelf exam.

Accessing Your Learner Gradebook (Video Timestamp 1:14)

As a learner, to access your learner Gradebook, click on your user icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and then click on Gradebook.  

You will be brought to the My Gradebooks page.  From here, you can view a list of your current and past course gradebooks from the Gradebook tab and navigate to the My Performance page from the My Performance tab, where you can see your performance across the curriculum.  

On the My Gradebooks page

  • You can view a list of your gradebooks by course and per curriculum period. If you are looking for a particular course gradebook first ensure that you have selected the correct curriculum period from the Select Enrollment Period drop down list. 
  • Under the assessments column you can view the total number of assessments that should be visible to you in a course gradebook. 

Please Note: 

  • That some assessments may not be made visible to you until a grade has been entered or may never be made visible to you in your learner gradebook. The visibility of assessments and their associated grade in a learner’s gradebook is controlled by the administrator of the course. 
  • You may see a higher number of assessments in this list view than is actually listed in the detailed view of assessments when you open a course gradebook.  This occurs when an assessment’s grade has not been made visible to you as a line item in your gradebook and the grade has not yet been released to you. Please see the video above for an example. 
  • You can view your current grade to date in the Weighted Total column. This value is based on all grades that have been entered and released to you to date and may not yet include all grades that will be accumulated throughout the duration of the course. 
Note: This value may differ from the administrator view of assessments that count towards the final grade, if those assessments have not yet been released to you, the learner. Some institutions may choose to hide this column from the learner’s gradebook. 
  •  You can view your adjusted total of the final grade from the Adjusted Total column.  This is used by the course administrator to override the system calculated final grade, if needed. This column may not appear in your instance of Elentra as it may optionally be disabled.

Viewing a Course’s Gradebook Assessments (Video Timestamp 5:09)

  • To view the assessments included in a course gradebook and that are made visible to you first navigate to the My Gradebooks page, then find the course gradebook you wish to explore.  Next click on any of the hyperlinked values in the row with the course code and title. This will open the detailed view of assessments for that course gradebook.  
  • You will see a list of assessments that have been released to you for your viewing.  Assessments may be visible as a line item with no grade entered informing you that it is an assessment that will eventually be completed during the course. Or an assessment may not become visible as a line item in the course gradebook until a grade has been entered and released by course administrators. 
  • The assessments are listed in a table that shows the assessment title, your mark, weighted mark, assessment type (formative vs. summative), and the class mean and median. 
Note: The class mean and median may be hidden in your instance of Elentra. 
  • Your Mark may be displayed in multiple ways simultaneously for each individual assessment depending on the configuration of the assessment made by the course administrators.
  • If there is a form attached to an assessment, you will see an eye icon beside the assessment name. Click on the eye icon to open the attached form and view any feedback provided to you. Depending on the configuration of the assessment you may be able to see the blank form before grading has occurred or you may only be able to see a completed form after grading has occurred.
  • A document folder is where the administrators of the course can return documents to you that may or may not be directly related to an assessment.  An example of this is a print out of a detailed score sheet from a shelf exam. If you have documents available for view, they will be visible in the Document Folder section.  Click on the title of the document to download it to your device. 

Note: The document folder will only be visible if a document has been released to you. 

  • You may also see the assessments that are included as part of a course listed on the course website.  To view the course website either go to the communities tab and find the course website on the courses tab and click on the course name. Open the course website and navigate to the Gradebook page
    • This view of the course gradebook assessments will not show your grades but only the course assessments as a line item in a table format.  Only the assessments that have been configured to show on the course website will be visible here.

My Performance Page (Video Timestamp 9:06)

In Elentra you can view your performance across the curriculum by opening the My Gradebooks page and clicking on the My Performance tab.  This will bring you to a page known as the My Performance page. Administrators have a similar view that is called the Learner Explorer, so you may hear this page referred to as such from the faculty or admin staff at your institution.

From this view, you can explore your progress throughout the curriculum based on the grades recorded and released in your learner course gradebooks. 

  • The Curriculum Overview tab allows you to view your  progress across the program by viewing your average grade across all courses in each term of the curriculum. 
  • Clicking on the View Courses button in each Term will direct you to a filtered view of the Courses tab.  
  • The Courses tab allows you to search and filter your gradebooks using the search bar or curriculum term filter.  You can change filters as necessary. 
    • The Course Card shows the start and end dates of the course, the weighted grade to date and the ability to drill down further into the released assessments associated with the course. 

Note: If not all assessments that are weighted towards the final grade are graded and released to you then the weighted grade may not accurately reflect your final grade in the course.  Course administrators control which assessments are released to the learner’s gradebook.

  • Clicking on the View Assessments button on a course card drills down further, and takes you to a filtered view of the Learner Assessments tab.  You can change filters as necessary.  
    • The learner assessment card will display your assessment grade, the weight of the assessment toward the final course grade, the assessment type (summative vs. formative), your individual mark, the class mean, and the weighted mark.

Note: The class mean may be hidden on the assessment card.