Release 23.03.21

March 21st, 2023 Elentra Releases


Release to production effective March 28th, 2023.

Changed the wording on the Document Request page to more accurately reflect the user who is viewing the page.

Previously, when viewing a particular learner’s Document Request while logged in as an admin, it would re-use the phrasing that’s used when a learner is logged in and viewing it, reading “You have no documentation”. This was changed to more accurately reflect the user who is logged in and viewing it, and now reads “This Learner has no submissions.”

Fixed an issue where a learner’s rotation block schedule wasn’t appearing on “My Rotation Schedule/Block”

Previously, there was an error occurring where learner’s were unable to see their rotation block schedules after the schedule was published. This only occurred in instances where the start date of the curriculum layout was set to sometime in the future. Now, this bug has been fixed and learner’s see their Rotation blocks always as expected.

Fixed an error that would occur when importing a previously exported Rotation Schedule via CSV.

Previously, when attempting to import a CSV file of a previously exported Rotation Schedule, an error message would be given for the Block Schedule (No.) field. This has been resolved and now previously exported CSV files for rotation schedules can be imported without error.

Removed deleted Locations from appearing as a selection in the Document Request module.

Previously, when using the Document Request module, and attempting to create a Required for Rotation request with a deleted Location, the deleted Locations were able to be selected and an error message occurred when the Document Request was saved. Now, the deleted Location isn’t being listed as a selection option, and the Document Request is able to be saved as expected.

Fixed an error that occurred when saving edits in the Document Request table.

Previously, when an edit was saved to the Request Title or Due Date on a Document Request, the Audience, Request Type, and Requested By values disappeared from the Document Requests table, even if no modification was made. Now, after the bug has been fixed, any modifications made to the Request Title or Due Date fields are correctly saved and are reflected on the Document Requests table. Additionally, if no changes were made, the ‘Save’ action will have the same effect as the ‘Cancel’ action.

Analytics link is now appearing in the correct location when viewing a VueJS module.

Previously, when viewing any module which uses VueJS and the data Analytics link is enabled, the link is appearing directly beside the Admin menu item and moved on the page when using the scroll wheel, as opposed to being under the User Profile icon. Now, the Analytics link is under the User Profile icon as expected.

Fixed duplicate results from displaying while on the second page of a paginated table, and fixed filter results.

Previously, a bug was causing a duplicate display of search results and a failure to filter non-matching results on the second page of a paginated table in the notifications module table. Now, the search function correctly filters non-matching results and displays only the relevant matches in a clear and organized manner.

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