Release 23.03.14

March 14th, 2023 Elentra Releases


Release to production effective March 21st, 2023.

Admins can now give Approval’s of document request submissions without error.

Previously, under certain contexts where one learner of an audience had a "Re-submission Requested" Status for a document request, admins were unable to set other learner’s "Pending to Review" status as “Approve” due to a bug. Now, this is fixed and admins can set submission status’s to “Approve” as expected in these situations.

Learner’s Document Requests table is now showing “Not Submitted” under the status column when a document hasn’t been submitted.

Previously, the Document Requests table for a learner was displaying a blank entry in the Status column in the scenario where there wasn’t a document submitted. Now, the column will display “Not Submitted” where there are no submitted documents, as expected.

Document Requests are now opening correctly, in the event that “breadcrumbs” or the back button was used to back out of previously viewing another document request.

Previously, a bug was occurring where a previously accessed Document Request was unintentionally loading again, instead of a different Document Request that was attempting to be accessed. This would happen after using the back button on a web browser, or using ‘breadcrumbs’ to back out of viewing a previous Document Request. Now, the other Document Request is loaded without issue, as expected.

When Document Requests are sent out to multiple learners, the remainder of the learners are now able to submit a document after one person has made a submission.

Previously, there was a bug occuring when multiple learners were sent a Document Request, where the remaining learner’s were prevented with an error message from submitting a Document after one of them had submitted their document request. Now, all the learner’s are able to submit their documents without issue after one of them has made a submission.

Users can now create a “Required for Rotation” Rotation Request type without issue.

Previously, when attempting to create a Rotation Request, and selecting “Required for Rotation” as a Request Type, the Rotation Request would fail to be created and result in an error message after hitting save. Now, this has been fixed and Rotation Requests can be submitted with the “Required for Rotation” Request Type selected.

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