Release 23.01.31

January 31st, 2023 Elentra Releases


Release to production effective February 7th, 2023.

Document Requests are now able to be submitted without error.

Previously, when creating a new document request while logged in as a Medtech admin, users were unable to create a document request for “Generic” or “Institutional” types. Now, the document request is created as expected for all types upon clicking the Save button.

The “Curriculum Track Code” is no longer limited to 35 characters.

Previously, the Curriculum Track Code in Curriculum Tracks within the Curriculum Manager, was limited to displaying 35 characters. This has been increased to 255 characters and will now display the full value.

Resolved a bug that occurred while adding comments to a Rotation block.

Previously, a bug was occurring within the Clinical Experience module, when editing a rotation block and attempting to add a comment. When typing in the Comment body box, the cursor would automatically move itself back to the beginning of the text box randomly while typing, preventing users from properly entering in their text. Now, the bug is resolved and text is able to be entered without any issue.

Users are now able to edit/remove/add locations in existing rotation block bookings.

Previously within rotation blocks, if a location was already associated with a block through setup configuration, users were unable to edit, remove, or add a new location as the change would not be saved. Now, any edits that are made are saved and updated as expected.

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