Release 22.07.19

July 19th, 2022 Elentra Releases


Release to production July 26th. 2022.

The Event and Exam Audience was not pulling Individual Students Enrolled in a Course if the Event Audience had "All Learners Enrolled in the Course" Selected.

Previously, in course events where the audience had an individual student added, the attendance tab would not show the individual student, and an error message would generate at the audience setup page of a linked exam post stating that "There was an error while recovering the exam audience. Please contact the administrator." All students added individually will populate at the event and exam level.

Event Color not associated to the Course Color Selection in the Admin Dashboard Calendar

Previously, a light blue color was generated for all events in the Admin Dashboard Calendars instead of the associating course colors. Now, the Events scheduled will display with the associating course color in the Admin Dashboard Calendar.

Immediate Release:

Immediate release to production on July 19th. 2022.

A Database Setting is now available to hide the Event Attendance fields for all events in the Learner view

There is now a database setting available to provide the option to hide the attendance field for all learners in the calendar view, list view, and details page view. The display options available for the audience field in the learner view are the following:

  • Hide the attendance field for all optional and required attendance.
  • Hide the attendance field for optional attendance and show the attendance field for required attendance.
  • Have all attendance fields available for the learners.

The Admin view will have the attendance field in the Event setup section.

If changing the database setting is of interest, please contact