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This article shows you how to navigate around Elentra and details the contents of the learner dashboard and how to use it.

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When you first login to Elentra you will land on the Dashboard.  From here you can navigate the system with the Navigation Menu and User Icon Menu, see your schedule across your courses on the dashboard calendar, be notified of important messages using the ME Message Center and use your dashboard as an RSS Reader.  Go to each section in the article to learn about the different parts of the Elentra Learner Dashboard. The text below each video is a transcript of the video. 

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The Navigation Menu

  • The menu located along the top of the webpage is called the Navigation Menu. 
  • It remains constant, no matter where you navigate in the system.  
  • This is where you are able to navigate to your
    • Courses by going to the Courses tab
    • You can get to the course website by clicking on the name of the course
    • You can get to your communities by going to the the communities tab and searching for the community you are looking for or creating your own general community 
      • You can also navigate to your Course Website from the Communities page
  • You can access 
    • Your learning events calendar by going to the learning events tab and use the filtering capabilities of the system.
      • You can switch back and forth between the List View and the Calendar View on the tab 
    • You can search the curriculum by going to the Curriculum tab and using the Curriculum Search, Curriculum Explorer or Curriculum Matrix. 
    • Navigate back to the Dashboard. 

You may also have a More tab with a drop down menu, the People Search option or an Admin menu depending on the configuration of your Elentra system.

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The User Icon Menu

    In the upper right-hand corner of your screen you will find your User Profile Icon & your Assessment & Evaluation Task icon. This menu remains constant, no matter where you navigate in the system.
    • Click on the User Profile icon to access different things in the system such as 
      • your Profile 
      • your Course Gradebooks 
      • your Assignment Drop Boxes 
      • your Exams from the Elentra Exam Module 
      • your Logbooks and more
    • The Assessment & Evaluations Task icon is where you can go to complete tasks that have been assigned to you such as a course or assessor evaluation. 
      • If you have new tasks assigned to you, you will see a number over the top of the icon that shows the number of tasks waiting for you to complete.
    • Click on the Assessment & Evaluation Task icon to 
      • View assessment and evaluation tasks that have been assigned to you to complete, 
      • View tasks that have been completed on you 
      • View your completed tasks
      • View Tasks that are waiting for an assessor to complete and generate aggregated reports for those completed tasks, if available

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    The Side Bar

    The Sidebar located on the left hand side of the page contains the sections My bookmarks, My Communities, Helpful links, and Give Feedback!.  It can be configured differently in each organization in an Elentra instance. So you may or may not see the following sections depending on how your organization has been configured in Elentra: 

    • There is the
      • My Bookmarks Section: This allows you to bookmark pages throughout the system in order to easily navigate to them.
        • To add a bookmark for a page in the system navigate to that page then click Add Bookmark, it will automatically copy the url of the Elentra page you are on and give the bookmark a title.  Adjust the url or title as needed then click submit. 
        • You can search your bookmarks by using the search box.
        • You can delete, rearrange or rename your bookmarks by clicking on the cog icon within the My Bookmarks box. 
          • To Delete a bookmark click on the trashcan 
          • To Rearrange your bookmarks click on the cross arrows icon of a bookmark and drag and drop it into the correct position.
          • To rename a bookmark click on the name of the bookmark, make your change then click on the checkmark next to the name to indicate you are done editing. 
          • Click on the done button when you are done making your changes to your bookmarks
      • My Communities Section: Allows access to any general community websites that you are a member of, but not your course websites. You can access your course websites through the courses tab or the Communities tab in the navigation menu.
      • Helpful Links Section: Is a list of links curated by your University that you might find helpful. This will only show if your institution has configured it in your Elentra system.
      • Give Feedback! Section: Allows you to submit feedback directly to your institution's support team regarding any questions or issues you may encounter while using Elentra.

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    The Elentra ME Message Center

    The Elentra ME Message Center lives on the Dashboard and is located under the navigation menu.  It displays any Dashboard Notices for which you have been identified as the audience.

    • These notices could be used to communicate things such as events, schedule changes, learning event location changes, course notices, reminders of due dates, and more 
    • If you would like to mark any messages as read to remove them from the Dashboard, then mark the checkbox just above the message title that you would like to Mark as Read.  Next, click on the Mark As Read button underneath the Message Center.  
      • If you mark a message as read, then it will no longer appear in the Message Center on the Dashboard.  You can access your previously read messages by clicking on the Previously Read Messages button. 
    • Please note that some messages have expiration dates set by the sender and may disappear from your Message Center once the expiration date has passed. 
    • Make sure you are checking your message center often.

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    The Dashboard Calendar

    Note: The Dashboard Calendar can potentially consist of two calendars, the My Events Calendar and the Rotation Schedule Calendar.  The Rotation Schedule Calendar will show only if you are part of a rotation.  If you have never been scheduled into a rotation using the rotation scheduler in the Clinical Experience module, then you will not have this calendar as part of your Dashboard Calendar and will only see the My Events Calendar. 

    The My Events Calendar

    Your Dashboard Calendar located underneath the ME Message Center will display your learning events, assessment due dates, and rotation schedule for all of your courses. It can optionally display any events for non-course communities that you are a member of by clicking on the My Calendars button and selecting the communities for which you want their events to display on the calendar. Then click the Apply button.

    Please note that the My Learning Events option will always be selected and you cannot deselect it. It shows the events from your courses.

    On the Dashboard Calendar you can do the following.

    • You can view your schedule by day, week, or month. 
    • Use the right and left arrow buttons to scroll through time, and click on the Today button to return to today’s date. 
    • When you click on an event a pop-up modal will appear. This modal will display an event summary.
    • For your learning events the modal will have a link called Review Learning Event. This will take you to the learning event page where you can access more information about the learning event and any resources attached to it. 
    • For your events connected to a community the pop-up modal will only contain a summary of the event and will have a link to the community.
    • If you have an assessment in the gradebook that has a drop box attached it is called an Assignment in Elentra. The drop box will allow you to upload files that should be submitted for the assignment.  If the assignment has a due date it will show on your dashboard calendar on the day that it is due.
      •  If you click on an event for an assignment it will allow you to navigate to your Assignments page by clicking on My Assignments or directly to the drop box associated with the assignment that is due by clicking on Review Assignment
      • You may also get to you assignment drop boxes by clicking on the User Icon Menu and clicking on Assignments.
    • If you would like to connect your dashboard calendar to a third party calendar then Click on the blue Subscribe to Calendar button beneath the calendar to subscribe to all calendars or subscribe or download individual course calendars. 

    The Rotation Schedule Calendar 

    If you are a learner who is enrolled in Clinical Experience courses in Elentra for which a Rotation Schedule has been created and published to learners, you will see a My Rotation Schedules button on the Dashboard Calendar. 

    • Click on this tab to review your Rotation Schedules throughout the year or to view your rotation by block view.
    • If a learner comment has been made on the rotation booking you will be able to view or hide it by going to the block view of your rotation calendar and clicking on the booking.  
    • You will also see your rotation schedule on your My Event Calendar.  It will span across the top of this calendar.  Click on the rotation event to view a pop-up modal.  This will allow you to navigate to the course, see the location or locations of your rotation and your assigned preceptors if either have been assigned to you. 
    • If the administrators of the rotation schedule have uploaded a file to the rotation itself, then you will see the file on the pop-up modal and will be able to view this file by clicking on View File.
    • If you would like to learn more about location or instructors associated with your rotation. You can search for and view a detailed view of locations or instructors if you navigate to your user icon and click on locations or click on instructors.

    Note: You will only be able to view locations and instructors details that have been permissioned to learners.  This is enabled by your Elentra admin.

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    RSS Feeds on the Dashboard

    The Add RSS Feed option allows you to link blogs and news feeds directly to your Elentra Dashboard.  The Dashboard can become your reader and will allow you to access all of your blog and news feed headlines in one place.

    • You can subscribe to an RSS feed for various places in an Elentra Community such as from an announcements page or the community events page. 
    • To add an RSS Feed click on Add RSS Feed and fill in the RSS Feed Title and the RSS Feed URL then click add.
    • Click on Modify RSS Feeds to rearrange or delete your feeds. Once you are done click on Modify RSS Feeds again.

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