Introduction to Notices

Post and manage notifications on the Elentra ME Dashboard

The Manage Notices module in Elentra allows authorized users to post notices to the Elentra ME Message Centre on the user dashboard, and to optionally send the same notice as an email. A notice can also be set to display publicly on the Elentra login page. It is recommended that only general information and nothing sensitive or personal be communicated through these channels.  Manage Notices is different than Announcements, which are messages posted in Communities. 

Permissions Overview

Manage Notices across all organizations:

Medtech: Admin

Staff: Admin


Manage Notices Access:

Faculty: Admin

Staff: PCoordinator (can only view & manage notices they author)

Faculty: Director (can only view & manage notices they author)


There are no pre-conditions required for using the Manage Notices module. 

Database Settings

Database Setting Description
notices_send_email Off by default.  Turn on to enable email delivery of notifications.