Introduction to Manage Locations

Add locations to learning and clinical events, and manage lecture capture integrations

The Manage Locations module allows organizations to maintain a list of the sites, buildings and rooms relevant to their institution. Using the Location Management feature is useful if you:
  • Plan to schedule clinical rotations or learning events in Elentra. 
    • Rotations and their corresponding blocks/slots can be assigned to sites, and learning events can be assigned a site, building, and room. 
  • Plan to use Elentra's Lecture Capture tool.
    • Rooms can be set up with a Capture resource, which will allow for the automated recording of events based on the learning event schedule in Elentra.
      • Further configuration of Media Sources, Rooms, Courses, and Learning Events may be required.


Medtech: Admin

Staff: Admin


In order to use all features of the Manage Locations module, the following components must be built within Elentra:

  1. Upload the faculty users in the Manage Users module

Database Settings:

Database Setting Description
sites_enabled Location Management can be turned on or off