Introduction to Manage Locations

Add locations to learning and clinical events, and manage lecture capture integrations


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Introduction to Managing Locations 

The Manage Locations module allows organizations to maintain a list of the sites, buildings and rooms relevant to their institution. This allows for the physical location of the event to be attached to events and rotations so students and faculty can easily see where they'll need to go to attend it. The Location Management feature is useful if you:

  • Plan to schedule clinical rotations or learning events in Elentra. 
    • Rotations and their corresponding blocks/slots can be assigned to sites, and learning events can be assigned a site, building, and room. 
  • Plan to list the location on a learning event.
  • Plan to use Elentra's Lecture Capture tool.
    • Rooms can be set up with a Capture resource, which will allow for the automated recording of events based on the learning event schedule in Elentra.
      • Further configuration of Media Sources, Rooms, Courses, and Learning Events may be required.
  • Want to make certain locations and the information about the location visible to learners.  This can be especially useful for students participating in a rotation schedule lottery. The manage locations module will show a map of the location and can show associated instructors for that location. 
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In order to use all features of the Manage Locations module, the following information will need to be obtained, and these components will need to be built within Elentra:

  • Have a list of sites (e.g., campuses, campus buildings, clinical locations, etc.) that you would like to enter in the system. You can enter subsequent buildings and rooms per site if they exist. 
  • Decide whether the site will be visible to learners.
  • An organisation must be created within Elentra
  • Optionally,
    • Have the contact information for a person at the site.
    • Know what curriculum tags you would like applied to the site.
    • Have a list of instructors that are associated to the site that you wish to list on the site.
    • The site agreement along with the expiration date.
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Database Settings

Database Setting Description
sites_enabled Location Management can be turned on or off

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