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Curriculum Management Introduction

Elentra provides robust curriculum management tools, which are driven by the curriculum layouts and periods, courses, units (optional), events, objective tag sets, and curriculum maps.  Your curriculum map and the structure of your curriculum is built in the Manage Curriculum module.  The curriculum objectives that are part of the map can be tagged throughout the system to track your content. This section will focus on building the curriculum map and tagging curriculum objectives throughout the system.
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Manage Curriculum

The manage curriculum module is where you will manage your 

  • curriculum layouts and curriculum periods (i.e., divisions of time used to organize units of instruction, e.g., terms, semesters, years, etc.) 
  • curriculum tracks (a way to identify groups of related courses) 
  • curriculum tags
  • build your curriculum map (mapping curriculum taxonomies)
  • utilize the curriculum framework builder for CBE/CBME curriculum frameworks 
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Create & Edit Tag Sets:  
Medtech: Admin
Staff: Admin

Read Only Access to Tag Sets:
Staff: PCoordinator
Faculty: Director
Faculty: Lecturer

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Curriculum Management Pre-Conditions:

To create a curriculum map and tag throughout the system you will need to have the following criteria completed:

  • Have your objectives and curriculum map defined and understand the type of relationships needed between tags (i.e., one-to-one, many-to-one, etc.)
    • Decide what type of tag sets you will require (flat vs hierarchy in a single tag set)
  • Have what you would like to tag in the system built. This can be done in parallel with building the curriculum map.  Currently you can tag
    • courses 
    • learning events
    • gradebook assessments
    • form items in the Assessment & Evaluation module
    • exam questions in the Exams module
    • locations in the Manage Locations module
    • instructors in the Manage Instructors module
    • portfolio artifacts in Manage Portfolios 
    • learning objects
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Database Settings

Database Setting Description

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