Helpful Links

The Helpful Links menu appears in the collapsible left-hand sidebar for all users in Elentra. The links displayed in this menu can be managed via Admin > System Settings > (select an organisation) > Helpful Links.

Administrators can add a helpful link to an organisation and then choose whether the link should be visible in all user Helpful Links menu (Global Access) or whether it should only appear in the Helpful Links menu for one or more particular user groups (e.g., staff, faculty, or student users).

Permission to Admin > System Settings > Helpful Links
You must have one of the following permission levels to access this feature:

  • Medtech > Admin
  • Staff > Admin

Add a Helpful Link

  • Navigate to Admin System Settings > (select an organisation) > select Helpful Links from the  left-hand menu.
  • Click Add Links.
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.29.40 AM.png
  • Enter the Title of the Helpful Link. This will be visible in the Helpful Links menu.
  • Enter the URL of the link.
  • Optionally, add a Link Description. This will be visible to users when they hover over the link in their Helpful Links menu.
  • Optionally, upload a Link Image or icon to associate with the link. If provided, this will also be visible in the Helfpul Links menu.
  • Indicate whether the link should open in a new window or tab. It is highly recommended that you select this option, so that your users are not directed away from Elentra.
  • Determine whether the link should be visible in all users' Helpful Links menu for the organisation. If so, place a checkmark in the Global Access? checkbox.
  • If the link should only be available in the Helpful Links menu for a particular group of users, use the Select Groups dropdown menu to select one or more user groups to which the link should apply.
  • Click Save.
Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.32.36 AM.png
  • To edit an existing Helpful Link, click on the gear symbol located to the left of the link, make the necessary changes, then click Save.
  • To delete an existing Helpful Link, place a checkmark in the box to left of the link and click the Delete Selected Links button.