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Track event attendance using one of several methods.


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Attendance Options for Learning Events

Note: This functionality does not include granular clinical events.

On the Attendance tab of an event page you can record attendance for an event. Elentra supports recording attendance manually, or by having users swipe their ID card (kiosk mode). If your organization is also using the Absence Management module and is configured to track attendance by event, you may see comments in the Notes section of an attendance page. 

Note: Elentra also comes with an option for Location-Based Attendance Tracking, which uses the geolocation tied to a user's device to mark them as physically present at an event. We strongly recommend you do not pursue this feature for locations in which multiple events may take place in close physical proximity. For example, it is difficult for geolocation technology to determine if a user is checking in from Lecture Hall A or Lecture Hall B from within the same building, and thus is unable to pinpoint a user's location with the accuracy required for most on-campus events.  

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Manual Attendance Tracking

From within the event's Attendance tab in Elentra, the event host can take attendance manually. This can be accessed by navigating to Admin> Manage Events> clicking on an event> clicking on the Attendance tab. Alternatively, if an administrator has access to an event, they will see the event on their dashboard calendar within Elentra and can access the Attendance tab directly by clicking on the event from the calendar. They can click on an event if the My Learning Events is selected under My Calendars on their dashboard calendar, then click Review Learning Event> ensure Administrator View is selected on the left hand side of the page> and click on the Attendance tab.


Step 1: Click the checkbox beside the name of each learner in attendance; their Status will update to Present. Click the checkbox again to change the attendance status back to Absent.
  • Optionally mark all as attended or absent using the buttons at the top right
  • Search for a learner by typing in their ID number.

Step 2: Add attendance notes as needed.

Changes are saved automatically, so there is no Save button on the page.
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Kiosk Mode Attendance Tracking

Kiosk mode allows learners to swipe their school ID's to complete the attendance record for the event. To use kiosk mode, your organization must set up the necessary hardware and link it to Elentra to record attendance.  

WARNING - Important Prerequisite: In order for the leaner's school ID card to integrate with their Elentra profile to track attendance using Kiosk Mode, the user's ID number must follow a specific notation format within the user's ID card, as provisioned only through the card's software. If this notation is not followed, then the Kiosk Mode functionality will be unable to associate the card number that is read with the user's profile to track attendance. 

This notation is needed in order for Elentra to know exactly which numbers of the learner's ID number (that was read from their ID Card) are associated with their Elentra profile. The notation format required is their Elentra ID number to be interposed, or "sandwiched" between a leading semicolon, and an ending question mark. This is exemplified below:
The reason this format is needed is that some ID numbers linked to a learner's ID card will contain excess digits or information that is associated with other purposes, such as room entry. Elentra needs to know which of these numbers are associated with the learner's ID within Elentra, and not anything additional. For example, the below notation includes the learner's complete ID number that will be read when using a card reader. The numbers between the semicolon and question mark are the learner's Elentra ID, while the remainder are associated with giving access to doors, or other campus functions: 
  ;1234567? 88888 99999
Note: The above ID number of the learner can be adjusted to include this notation only by using the ID card's provisioning software. The learner's ID is associated with the Staff/Student Number field within a User's Profile settings in Elentra, as shown in the screenshot below.
 Configure a Magnetic Card Reader (first use only)
  • Plug the reader into a computer or surface and a new hardware install process will automatically take place. Allow it to complete.
  • Test that the Magnetic Card Reader is Working (Mac or PC/Surface):
    • Open a text editor (e.g. Text Edit (Mac) or Notepad (PC/Surface).
    • Swipe a magnetic card through the reader. If a number appears, it is working.
    • The number that appears must contain the proper notation of being interposed between a leading semicolon, and an ending question mark (eg ;########?). If this number is displayed with the proper notation, then the ID has been configured properly.
      • If the proper notation is not displaying, please read the above prerequisite note for more information about configuring the correct notation within the ID card's provisioning software in order for Elentra to associate the ID number of the card with the user's profile.

Note: If there's extra information/digits being displayed when the learner's ID card is read, please contact your account manager so this can be accommodated for within Elentra. 

Once attendance kiosk mode has been configured, it is easy to use:
Step 1: Navigate to the relevant learning event page. Click on the Attendance tab.
Step 2: Click the Kiosk Mode button. When the green check mark comes up, learners can begin to swipe their cards.
You can download a CSV of learner attendance (blank or after completion) using the Download CSV button at the bottom of the page.
Any ISO 3 track magnetic card reader should be ready to support for Kiosk Mode. Barcode scanners or RFID readers should work as well, as long as the result from the scan is the staff/student number in Elentra. Magnetic card readers are readily available and can be as inexpensive as $20.

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