Document Requests: The Learner View

This article explains how a learner can use the document request module.

The Purpose of Document Requests

  • The Document Requests module allows Admin users to collect files from Learners within their organization, which may then be used to satisfy certain registration requirements (e.g. to participate in clinical experiences). 
  • An Admin user in Elentra is the requester and reviewer of a new Document Request.  The Learners are to respond to the request by submitting an appropriate file, which the Admin user can then review. 

Accessing & Opening Document Requests

Accessing Document Requests

  • To access the Document Requests module, open the User Icon Menu and click Document Requests.
  • This will take you to the Document Requests dashboard, which will show all active Document Requests assigned to you as a Learner.

Opening a Request

  • To open a Request, click on the hyperlinked Request Title.  
  • This will bring you to the page with a view for the individual Document Request.
  • On this page you will be able to view the status, the request type, the due date, the requestor, the date the request was made, a submissions section, a messages section, and a submit button if you have not already submitted the document.  This button will disappear after you have submitted the document.


  • If your Elentra System has been configured to use the Notifications Feature then you will have an additional icon, known as the bell icon.  
  • It is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen next to your user icon. 
  • This will give you an additional way to access and open your document requests as well as alert you to any new document requests. 
    • If you have received a new document request, then you will receive a notification for it through the notifications feature.  You will see a number on the bell icon indicating how many unread messages you have received in your notifications.  
    • Click on the bell icon to review your notifications.
    • On this page you will be able to filter by module, search for a notification, mark all as read, and open your notifications.  
    • A blue dot next to the document request indicates that it is an unread notification.
    • To open a document request from your notifications click on the hyperlinked message of the document request. 
  • Please note that this feature is currently the beta version and does not support notifications for all modules in Elentra at this time. 

 Viewing Messages

  • The Requestor is required to send a message when they make a document request.  The messages tab stores all of the messages between the requestor and you.  
  • You will see a number on the messages tab. This number indicates the number of messages in that section.
  • As a Learner, it is important to check the Messages tab for any instructions the Requestor has included for completing the Request.
  • To view your messages, click on the Messages tab.
    • If any Messages exist, they will appear in a table below the tab heading.
    • If the requestor has attached a file to the request you will see it in line with the message.  Click on Open File to download and open the attached file.

Submitting a File

  • To submit a file, click on the Submit Document button located below the Document Request details.
  • To complete the Submission, add a Message and then attach a file by either browsing your local computer or dragging and dropping a file into the Attachment field. The Submit button will be clickable and you will be able to submit your request.
  • Once you upload a file the Status of the Request will change from Not Submitted to Pending Review and the record of your submission will appear in a table in the Submissions section on the document request
  • You will not be able to resubmit a file until the requester has reviewed and rejected your original submission.

Viewing Submissions

The Submissions tab will list all file submissions you have made for this Document Request.