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Course Objectives by Events Tagged (COBET)

A report containing a list of curriculum tags assigned to a course and an indication of whether they were also assigned to events in the course. Report also includes a list of additional curriculum tags assigned to events in the course but not assigned to the course itself.

Note: This report is most useful if your curriculum framework has you assign curriculum tags to a course and those same tags to specific events. If you actually have separate tag sets for course and event objectives, you will only see useful information in the Non-Assigned Tags section of this report.

  • Go to Admin > System Reports.
  • Under Course Reports click Course Objectives by Events Tagged (COBET).
  • Set the reporting start and finish date and time (required).
  • All courses will be listed on the Courses Included list. Click on a course to highlight it which means it is selected.
  • You can use your keyboard and mouse to select multiple courses if needed.
  • Click Generate Report and results will display inline. 
  • Tags in the Assigned Course Objective list are those tags that were assigned to a course.
  • Click the number under the Tagged column to see a list of the events where the curriculum tag was also assigned.
  • Tags in the Non-Assigned Tagged Objectives list are those tags that were not assigned to the course but were assigned to specific learning events.
  • Results can be downloaded as PDF or CSV.
  • For CSV downloads, three separate files may download (Assigned MCC Presentations, Attached Objectives, and Non-Attached Objectives).
  • For PDF downloads, information may be separated into Assigned MCC Presentations, Assigned Tagged Objectives, and Non-Assigned Tagged Objective

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