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The Content tab will behave differently depending on if you are using course communities within Elentra or not.  Most information on the Content tab is made available on the course community if one exists for the course. 

Step 1: Fill in the relevant information.  Each section is detailed below.

Step 2: Click Save when finished making changes.

Course Setup Section


External Website URL:  If you are using an external website for your course, link it here.  If you intend on using an Elentra course website, leave this blank. 

  • Note that if you have linked a course to a course community (course website) and wish to unlink it you must do so from the Administration page for that community. You cannot unlink a course from an Elentra course website from the Course Content tab.

Redirect: If you wish to redirect all course clicks to the external website click the checkbox underneath 'External Website URL'. Whenever the course name is clicked on from the learner's view it will open the external website.  

Course Description and Director’s Message: Both of these will be visible to users on the Elentra course page or course website. 
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Course Objectives Section


Any curriculum tags assigned to the course will be displayed here in a list. You can configure your Elentra setup to allow faculty and staff who have admin access to the course (Medtech:Admin, Staff:Admin, Staff:Pcoordinator (assigned to the course), Faculty:Director (assigned to the course)) to edit the wording of the tag descriptions for tags assigned through the Curriculum Tags tab.

Step 1: Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses and either click on the courses name or the cog wheel to navigate directly to the Content tab 

Step 2: If you haven't done so already go to the Content tab in the course.  Scroll down to the Course objectives section. 

Step 3: Find the curriculum tag you want to modify and click the pencil icon on the right hand side of the tag and a window will open allowing you to edit the tag's description.  If you can't find the tag you are looking for ensure that the tag has been tagged onto the course (done on the Curriculum Tags tab).  Only tags that have been tagged onto the course will show in this list.

Step 4: Click Save.

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Course Resources Section


Attached Files & Attached Links:
If you are using the basic course page and not a course website in the Communities module then you can provide course resources here.  Files and links attached here will be made available to all users accessing the course. The links and files will be displayed to users when they click on a course title. Click on Add A File or Add a Link and follow the wizard to add either a file or link, respectively.

Warning: If you are using the more robust course website feature in the Communities module then do not upload course resources here as they will not flow through to the course website.  A separate resources page(s) can be added in the Communities course website and that is where you can share files and links for the course.

LTI Provider: Use this if your organization is partnering with another educational content provider to deliver content or other tools to learners (e.g. Khan, Quizlet, Turnitin, etc.). If you plan to create a course website via the Communities module to use with this course you'll able to add an LTI provider page to that website.

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