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Subscribe to Notifications in a Community

Note: Users can manage the communications they receive from communities they are members of. There are two ways users can do this. They can subscribe to individual pages through the community itself, or they can use their user profile Notification Settings tool to manage multiple community notifications at once.

From within a community, users can navigate to most page types; and choose to subscribe to an RSS feed or opt in to email notifications by clicking those respective icons for that page. Doing so will enable the user to receive notifications for that specific page.
Galleries: Opt in at the gallery folder level
Documents: Opt in at the folder and subfolder level
Discussions: Opt in to a discussion forum
Polling: Opt in for all polls
Announcements: Opt in for all announcements
Events: In the case of an Events page, the user can also subscribe to calendar updates or download a static calendar of all currently posted events.
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Edit My Notification Settings

For users to adjust and customize their own personal notification settings, click the username badge beside the logout button in the top right corner of Elentra to open the user profile dropdown, then click "Notification Preferences".
Active Notifications tab: Users can search for and delete any active notifications from here. Users most often see listings for discussion and comments they have subscribed to for individual events. 
Community Notifications tab: Users can enable or disable community notifications here. This will overrule the community setting (e.g., if the community admin creates an announcement and sets it to notify community members).
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