Assessment Reports

System reports relating to Assessment and Evaluation Data

  1. Faculty Timeliness of Completion Summary Report:
    This report identifies the number of tasks delivered, the number of tasks completed, the average number of days it took for an assessor to complete a task after the end of an experience, and the average number of days that it took the assessor to complete a task from the date it was delivered. The report only includes distribution-based tasks. 
  2. Faculty Timeliness of Completion Detail Report:
    Detailed view of days between delivery and completion of the assessments by faculty.
  3. Item Response Summary Report:
    This report shows the number of responses each scale item received.
  4. Form Response Report:
    Provides an overview that displays all/selected assessment responses for a specified course, form, assessment status and date range
  5. Completed Assessment Forms:
    Provides a detailed report of form responses by Form