Release 23.04.25

April 25th, 2023 Elentra Releases


Release to production effective April 25th, 2023.

Fixed an error in ‘Manage Locations’ that was preventing newly created Locations from appearing until re-loading the page.

Previously, when a new Location was added, users had to manually click on Load More or change the sort order for the location to appear in the list. This issue has been resolved, and the newly created location now appears in the list of locations immediately after saving, without requiring a hard refresh or change of the sort order.

Fixed a few separate bugs related to the Exam functionality.

Previously, there were a few different bugs occurring with the Exam functionality. The order of exam questions on the student’s dashboard were appearing in inverted orders to the exam itself, the dashboard wasn’t showing the answers for all the groups, and different grades were being assigned to each student in Group Exams despite all having taken the same Exam. Now, these have all been resolved and are working as expected.

Fixed a bug where Rotations were not being displayed in Block View on the students dashboard when the student was booked in multiple Rotations.

Previously, when a student was enrolled in multiple Rotations, a bug was happening where they would only see one Rotation displayed on their dashboard in Block View. Now, this has been fixed and the student sees all their booked Rotations in Block View, as expected.

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