Release 23.02.14

February 14th, 2023 Elentra Releases

Release to production effective February 21st, 2023.

Rotation Schedule bookings will still display after an associated location has been deleted.

Previously, Rotation Schedule bookings were failing to display when an associated location was deleted from the locations list. Now, the Rotation Schedule loads the learners and bookings, even if the location included in a booking was deleted.

Removed the “Discipline(s)” column from the Instructor’s table within Manage Locations.

Previously, the table within the Instructors tab in Manage Locations had a “Discipline(s)” column that was unnecessary. This “Discipline(s)” column has now been removed from the table.

Comments can now be added to rotation bookings without error.

Previously, the attempt to add a Comment to a Rotation Schedule booking resulted in an error message and failure to add the comment. Now, this has been fixed and comments can be added to Rotation Schedule bookings as expected.

Uploaded files can now be changed or deleted from the Visits tab within the Locations module.

Previously, when a file was uploaded to the Visits tab within Manage Locations, the file was unable to be deleted, or be replaced by a different file if users wished to change it, as the change would not be saved. Now, the change is saved upon the deletion or upload of a different file as expected, and the original file is removed.

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