Release 22.12.20

December 20th, 2022 Elentra Releases

New Improvement (Immediate Release):

Release to production effective December 20th, 2022.

Curriculum Tracks / Learning Events Enhancement

This release extends existing Curriculum Tracks functionality by enabling administrative users to associate a Curriculum Track with a Learning Event, which also allows Faculty and Learners to then filter Learning Events by the associated Curriculum Tracks. 

NOTE: Curriculum Tracks must be enabled via the elentra_me.setttings table by setting the value field to ‘1’ for the setting where the shortname field is ‘curriculum_tracks_enabled’. To have the setting enabled, please contact

Curriculum Track Code

The ‘Track Code’ is a new field that has been added to Curriculum Tracks to allow administrators of multi-campus institutions the ability to tag each curriculum track with a unique identifier. This is a mandatory field and must be completed when creating a new Curriculum Track through the Manage Curriculum> Curriculum Tracks> Add Track page. 

When entering a value for this field, there are two restrictions.

  1. The Track Code must be unique within the organization.
  2. There are no spaces permitted in a Track Code.

The Track Code field can also be edited after a Curriculum Track has been created, through the Manage Curriculum> Curriculum Tracks> Edit Descriptor field.

Adding Curriculum Tracks to New Learning Events

In order to add a Curriculum Track to a Learning Event, the Curriculum Tracks must have first been added to the Course of the Event being created. If they have been added to the Course, then the Curriculum Tracks drop-down selection menu will be active on the Adding Event page and will allow you to select one or more of the available Curriculum Tracks.

Note: Only Curriculum Tracks that have been added to the Course will be available.

Editing Curriculum Tracks on Existing Learning Events

After creating a Learning Event, Curriculum Tracks can be modified by accessing the Editing Event page. Existing Curriculum Tracks can be removed using the ‘Remove’ button on the right-side of the Track row, with those changes being applied on Save.

Edit Event

New Tracks can also be added to the Event, using the drop-down menu available by clicking the Browse Curriculum Tracks field. 


Curriculum Tracks have been added to the Events Missing Objectives (by Course) report and to the Learning Events by Faculty Member report. The reports are viewable on the web report as well as the CSV and PDF report exports

Further documentation related to Curriculum Tracks will be available soon in the Elentra Help Center. 

If you have any questions about the above-listed information, please contact