Release 22.07.12

July 12th, 2022 Elentra Releases


Release to production July 19th. 2022.

Collection Average when Excluding Quizzes

Previously, in the gradebook, when excluding a quiz from its collection, the weighted mark and collection average were not showing accurately for both the admin and the learner view. The admin and learner view will now accurately display the weighted mark and collection average.

For more information on using collections in a gradebook, please visit Elentra User Guide: Using Collections in a Gradebook.

Associating New Organizations to Existing Courses and Periods

Previously, if an admin user tried to create a course website in a newly created organization in an environment with multiple organizations, it was not allowing the admin users to associate the course website with existing courses and periods. Now, admin users can create a course website and associate it with an existing course and period under a newly created organization. 

For more information on course websites, please visit Elentra User Guide: Course Website (Community)

For more information on organizations, please visit Elentra User Guide: Organisations.