Release 22.06.13

June 13th, 2022 Elentra Releases


Panopto LTI Course Folders copy to New Communities and Course Iterations.

When rolling over a course website with the Panopto LTI page in preparation for the upcoming academic year, a new Panopto folder will be created to copy old content and add new content for the new academic year.

  • Each iteration of the course website has a unique Panopto folder created for admin users to copy old content and generate new content for this specific year.
  • Students will only see content from the new folder and new year.

For more information on Lecture Capture, please visit Elentra User Guide: Lecture Capture.

To learn more about Basic LTI, please visit the Learn About Basic LTI created by Panopto Support.

Learner View of Privates Courses Permission Setup

The issue was that the Faculty-Director role and Faculty-Lecturer roles could get into any of the courses, while the Faculty-Faculty role could not. Faculty: faculty users can now view course contents in learner view from the course setup tab or the community website.

  • For more information on User Permissions, please visit the Elentra User Guide: User Permission.

Submission of Final Attempt of Exam Error

Students are now able to submit final attempts of their exams. Previously, in specific courses, students received an error message stating that certain questions were not answered when trying to submit their final exam.

Learner Explorer Display Changes for Repeating Students

The Learner Explorer of a student repeating their academic year was not displaying current grades. The Learner Explorer will now display the most recent grades for all academic years, displaying the most current attempt of the grades.

  • For more information regarding the Learner Explorer, please see Elentra User Guide: Learner Explorer

Logbook Configuration Deactivation

The deactivation of the newly added logbook of a clinical course was not saving and remained active in the UI. This error has been rectified, and the logbook can now be deactivated.

Logbook Progress Report in Clinical Experience

When accessing the logbook progress report in a clinical experience module on students who have logged entries, an error message saying, “It wasn't possible to retrieve this learner information; please try again later“ was displayed. The log entries now display the progress report.